Join the Humboldt Timberwolves Hockey Club

Full information on how to join:

Step 1: Get on our contact list. Contact us at:

Step 2: Come by the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka, California on a Sunday at 1800.

We play in Franceshi Hall at Redwood Acres
The contact list will help you know when we are playing.
This website is sometimes updated on the front page.
Check out a game.

Step 3: Gear Up. Make sure you have everything you need to play.

Step 4: Join USA Roller Sports (its $35 bucks a year and you need your ID)

Go to
In the upper left of the home page click on "Join/Renew" and follow the links to get registered with the Humboldt Timberwolves
Club ID# CA630H , Southwest region (AZ, CA, NV) the cost is $35 . When you have successfully registered they will email you your member card.

Step 5: Show up ready to play with $15 bucks

Step 6: Skate!